What’s My View from Both Sides of the Desk?

This may seem like another attempt of someone imparting their ideas in the hopes of being considered a thought leader – a term, I have to admit, that I’ve become lukewarm about, as everyone seems to be posturing for leadership notoriety whenever I scroll through my LinkedIn page.  Even so, after many years of selling to media buyers of all types – and prior to that, actually being one – I have determined that my observations and advice may actually be useful to sellers and buyers on both sides of the desk.  So, in this inaugural post, I will cover some of the broad topics that will ultimately shape the direction of this blog.

First and foremost, you will see content surrounding relationships between buyers and sellers, and quite honestly, how they have changed dramatically in a short time.  I believe lost or undeveloped business relationships are the result of two key changes: we have woven technology into most aspects of the selling and buying process, and we have allowed solid training and common sense for both buyers and sellers to take a back seat to the technology that has been developed to supposedly help us master our jobs.

Until technology allows us to conduct meaningful conversations that lead us to a better understanding of our mutual business goals and solutions, our relationships form the way we approach our business and can help to determine the outcome of our interactions before we even begin the buyer/seller process.  Relationships help us create the road map to stay on course during our one-on-one negotiations, but are equally important in our personal lives, with internal teams, or as we interact with groups.

Other topics I will explore from Both Sides of the Desk are more media-centric, which is where I have lived my career – like traditional and digital media strategy, programmatic marketing and RTB (real time bidding) 101, marketing and media strategy for small business.  Regardless of the topic I bring forward, my interest is to share the challenges both the buyer and seller face, and provide ideas to move beyond them and towards recognition of the best solution or process for the situation.

As with all blogs, your contributions and comments are more than welcome, so please join the conversation if you feel moved to add your thoughts.

Enjoy reading!

My views, thoughts and ideas about advertising media solutions and the interaction between those buying and those selling.